Regionality is important to us.

We meet the criteria of the AMA GENUSS REGION and have also been awarded the Salzburger Land certificate of origin. We are therefore allowed to advertise dishes with the certificate.


Love & Care

Our dishes are prepared with a lot of love and care. But above all fresh - so we ask you for a little patience!

Thanks to many regions, great people & the great nature that the country can fall back on, there are many unique culinary delights that can be found right on our doorstep! Not every season, of course, but always fresh and on top of that without unnecessarily polluting the environment!


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Our Partners

Beef, veal, game and oil cheese

Fam. Laireiter Peter | Rattersberghof, Grossarl


Fam. Prommeregger | Wandlehenhof Grossarl

Potato & Onion

Fam. shield | Potato onion blacksmith Großstelzendorf Lower Austria

Organic Yoghurt

Fam. Rohrmoser | Hof Sennerei Bernberg Grossarl

Sour cheese, curd cheese and butter

Fam. Huttegger | Organic mountain farm, Steinmannbauer Hüttschlag


Spring water | Cooperative Unterberg | North incl. BiocatWaterCryst water technology

Local fish

Bayrhammer Oberalm fishery

Bread & Pastries

Fam. Unterkofler | Bakery Unterkofler Grossarl

Organic Sheep Milk Yoghurt

Fam.  Kreuzer | Organic cheese dairy Kreuzer - Mitterhub Grossarl

Pumpkin Seed & Pumpkin Oil

Fam. Gaissberger | Gaißberger 100% from Adlwang


Fam. Laireiter| Rattersberghof


Sachers coffeehouse Vienna


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