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Updated January 23rd, 2022


Current travel information

Entry regulations from Austria to Germany as of January 16, 2022


  • Those entering and returning from a high-risk area must register in advance via and upload their valid 3-G proof via this portal.
  • Vaccinated and recovered guests from Germany can continue to spend their holidays in Austria without having to go into quarantine on their return.
  • Tested persons, on the other hand, are obliged to go into a 10-day quarantine - this can be ended after the fifth day with a "free test".
  • Unvaccinated children under the age of 6 are exempt from this test requirement. For these, the quarantine ends automatically after five days (without free testing), regardless of which measures apply to the parents.

  • Even if families with children under the age of 12 only make up around a fifth of our foreign guests, this regulation is problematic in Austria, since all children who are not yet fully immunized must go into quarantine for at least five days, even if their parents are fully immunized.

  • Austria will therefore continue to work to ensure that the recommendations of the European Union are implemented everywhere (exemption from the obligation to provide proof for under-12s traveling under adult supervision).




Entry into Austria from January 24th 2022
In principle, 2-G+ applies to entry into Austria. You must therefore show proof of vaccination or recovery and also a molecular biological test (e.g. PCR test). People who have already received another dose (“booster”) are exempt from submitting a test.


As of January 24, Denmark, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom are no longer considered virus variant areas.


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